• Reduce maintanence because natural gas is a clean burning gas
  • Natural gas used by high compressed bus engines, provides excellent driving performance.
  • Unlike other liquid fuels, no risk to be stolen by pulling out.
  • Cylinders can be loaded in 3-4 minutes at stations which are fast and have big compressors
  • At a system working with natural gas, ratio of greenhouse effect and toxic material are much lower than a fuel oil or  an alternative engine.
  • As a feature of natural gas system, evaportion emission is close to zero. This means, at least %50 of total  hydrocarbon is evaluated.
  • As a feature of natural gas, emission ratio of CO2 reduces over %20.
  • According to reseachs in many cities of USA, diesel exhausts are responsible for creation of some kinds of tiny particules increasing risk of respiratory tract diseases. However, just a few of these particules are found  at natural gas systems.
  • It is certain that expansion of using natural gas in a country or a region of a country, creates new job areas.