The RSA composite LPG cylinders Concept
The RSA line of Composite LPG cylinders with its numerous advantages is designed for a variety of LPG applications world-wide. This superior cylinder is made from advanced polymeric and composite materials. The RSA composite LPG cylinders combine safety, quality, design and innovation into the future standard for gas containment.

RSA composite LPG cylinders address a number of the problems or challenges observed in the industry today. The cylinders bring advantages like easy handling and translucency to the end users; branding opportunities and logistics savings to the distributors; corrosion resistance and added safety to the industry. The RSA composite LPG cylinder is available in 5 sizes today; 12,5L, 18,2L, 20,6L, 24,5L and 33,5L water content (see Technical Specifications for more info), but other sizes can be tailor-made for each market based on sufficient quantities.
The RSA composite LPG cylinders can be delivered with a wide variety of different valves for different uses with vapor or liquid outtake.

RSA composite LPG cylinders are represented in several markets worldwide, either by selected agents & distributors, or by key personnel at the home office. You will find an overview of these worldwide representatives and key marketing personnel under “Sales” and “Distribution” in addition to links to some references world-wide.