CNG System
CNG is compressed natural gas. Natural gas coming from natural gas pipeline at pressure min 2, max 20 bar and using at houses and industry, is increased to 200 bar pressure by CNG compressor.

Why should we use CNG?
CNG is a type of gas that fires at 650oC and doesn’t have risk to explode. It is an environment friendly gas because the ratio of CO is %0

The unique gas that covers European Emission standart Euro 5 without processing

Difference from other fuels
CNG is %60-%70 more economic than benzine, %30 more economic than LPG.
Our country have an important location in terms of tranferring natural gas. That’s why, in near future, natural gas using at almost every sectors, will provide significant savings at transportation and industry.

How is it used?
CNG is used at the time of vechile manufacturing by mounting special equipment. Modifications at vehiles register according to standarts of vechile mounting directive. Vechiles that use two kinds of fuel can make fuel choice every time. Problems occuring with diesel, benzine and LPG at cold wheathers, don’t occur at CNG.

CNG conversin kits are used safetly in Argentina, Italy, USA, France, Russia, England, India, Pakistan, China, New Zelland and many other countries.


  • Seamless poymer, welding free
  • Internal shell is made of special gas tight PE.
  • Special desing boss
  • Corrosion free PE liner
  • High pressure resistant carbon fiber wrapped outer liner.
  • %70 lighter than Type I,II and III.
  • Light weight reduces transport and work costs
  • Fatigue resistant non metalic liner
  • 20 years service life
  • Application on wide range vechiles; cars, buses, tracks, forklifts, boats, ships, lokomotives, etc
  • Tailor-made productions to meet costumers’ need.
  • Production comply with certifications
Work pressure 207 bar
Test pressure 300 bar
Explossion pressure 470 bar

Completely carbon fiber wrapped special plastic inside of cylinder.
Natural gas is economic and high energic. Using as an alternative power at internal-combustion engines. Reducing air pollution at minnimum.

Features of Product Advantages
Light weighted Wide range of usage
Suitable on buses, tracks and lorries.
Producible at large volumes
Efficiency at energy and usage.
Profit is increased by getting more people on vechile
Robustness High-pressure resistant because of completely carbon fiber wrapped special plastic inside of cylinder
Corresionprof plastic inside shell Special plastic inside shell provides long using life.
No corresion during reloading and reunloading provides many years usage. No performance degredations at any environment conditions.
Resistant to gas leakage.
Flexible plastic inside shell is resistant to cracking and exploding.
High technology carbon fiber material Excellent resistant to heat and aging.
Leakproof under any circumstances.
Economic and Easy usage Used vechiles can be converted easily and cheaply.
Processing suitable for customer. Processing according to customers’ needs.
Processing high technologic and with best raw material.
Type 4
Type 4
Type 4
Type 4
275 mm
325 mm
355 mm
400 mm
300 – 800 mm
820 – 1600 mm
900 – 1600 mm
960 – 2000 mm
32 lt
70 – 125 lt
90 – 150 lt
100 – 200 lt.